Ekii (Tuvan for hello),

I’m Steve Sklar, and I’d like to welcome you to khoomei.com. Inside you’ll find an huge collections of articles, lessons, photos, videos, mp3s, a new forum, links and more related to this beautiful vocal art.

Here’s a bit about me and what I do:

• Created the first online throat-singing lessons, 2003

• Tour manager and workshop leader for Huun-Huur-Tu 2003 North American Tour

• Singing khoomei since 1995, in several Tuvan styles

• Twice journeyed to Tuva, in 1995 and in 2001, with my friends and khoomei mentors Huun-Huur-Tu

• Perform and record with Big Sky, which I serve as lead guitarist, producer, and throat-singer, and the ensemble “The Overtone Orchestra”

• Teaching khoomei since 1997. In order to teach effectively, I’ve deconstructed the traditional styles so that they may be taught with simple, fun. and safe techniques and exercises. I’ve taught in the US, Canada, Taiwan, and Finland.

• Organizer and khoomei instructor, 2002 Tuvan Khoomei/Shamanism Tour of the United States and Canada

• Founded the International Association for Harmonic Singing (IAHS), 2002

• You can hear my khoomei on the web, on QT videos and MP3s! Here are some samples:

Video of me singing at a concert in Xandugaityi, Tuva, on the border with Mongolia.

Video of the Overtone Orchestra

Video of chanting with Tibetan Monks

Video with beginning students after workshop in Chicago

MP3 “Siberia” by Big Sky

MP3 “Fire in the Water” by Big Sky

MP3 “Far Away “ by Big Sky (sygyt at end of song)

MP3 Perash (recorded live in Boulder, CO with Ash Dargan on flute and Per Hultquist, didg)

MP3 Tribal Wind (recorded live in Boulder, CO with PETS ensemble)

Teaching Khoomei at Joshua Tree Didgefest

Teaching jaw position at Khoomei workshop
Helsinki, Finland

Teaching khoomei with Huun-Huur-Tu
Minneapolis, MN USA

“His explanations on different Tuvan styles are correct . He is now the master of Tuvan throat voice techniques in the West.” – Prof. Tran Quang Hai

“Steve was more than generous with his time, his energy, and his unique expertise….Steve is part guru, part music teacher and part Catskill comic – somehow he manages to engage all three of these aspects at once. He has plenty of interesting little teaching tricks up his pedagogical sleeve to enable people to make the sounds he wants them to make.” – Peter Pringle, Montreal Throat-Singing Festival 4/2001